Familotel Zauchenseehof Salzburg
Familotel Zauchenseehof Salzburg
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Familienhotel in Zauchensee - Happy
Familienhotel in Zauchensee - Happy
Familienhotel in Zauchensee - Zauchenseehof
Familienhotel in Zauchensee - Zauchenseehof

The history of the Hotel Zauchenseehof

…how it all started – from an alpine hut to 4 star Hotel

Altenmarkt - Zauchensee around the turn of the last century
The beginnings of skiing in Zauchensee

Altenmarkt - Zauchensee in der Salzburger Sportwelt - die ersten Skifahrer

Those were the days…

In comparison to today the journey was difficult. The guests had to walk from Altenmarkt to Zauchensee. In 1936 our foresighted Grandfather Peter Walchhofer set up the first transport business with horse and carriage, transporting the guests’ luggage. A comfortable development which was well received by the guests. There were no prepared pistes, therefore before descending on touring skis you had to head up the mountain first. Dressed in warm clothes, with knitted gloves and skis with cable bindings you could whiz down the deep-snow slopes after a strenous ascent. You certainly needed guts in those days.

Altenmarkt - Zauchensee in der Salzburger Sportwelt - die ersten Skifahrer

Altenmarkt - Zauchensee in der Salzburger Sportwelt - die ersten Skifahrer
Father and son - modern men, who recognised the up and coming trend

Peter Walchhofer

Grossvater Walchhofer Zauchensee


Grandfather was a keen skier all his life.

Pioniere von Zauchensee


Crucial to the development of Zauchensee were amongst others Rupert Mooslechner, Peter Walchhofer and Benedikt Scheffer (left to right).

Peter und Rupert Walchhofer vom Hotel Zauchenseehof in Altenmarkt - Zauchensee


Peter Walchhofer und Sohn Rupert Walchhofer, der das Erbe seines Vaters mit Geschick und Weitsicht ausbaute.

Rupert Walchhofer senior

Rupert Walchhofer sen. vom Hotel Zauchensee

Rupert Walchhofer sen.

In 1962 Rupert Walchhofer senior and Benedikt Scheffer explored the area around the Rosskopf, Tagweideck and Gamskogel on touring ski for possible ski lift sites. This was the beginning of the successful development of the World Cup ski resort of Zauchensee. Rupert senior and his wife Maria gradually extended the Gasthof Zauchenseehof, from which the 4 star Hotel Zauchenseehof and next door the 4 star Hotel Zauchensee Zentral developed. They created a solid base for a total of 6 children and 23 grandchildren. Home ties and a strong, warm family relationship characterise the whole of the Walchhofer family until today. Appreciation, friendship, helpfulness, and respect are values which are particularly upheld by the “Walchhofers”.
Nostalgic insights into sleepy Zauchensee

Piste preparation back then…

Skigebiet Altenmarkt - Zauchensee Pistenpräparierung anno dazumal

4 Sterne Hotel Zauchenseehof damals als Gasthof


In 1967 Maria and Rupert Walchhofer opened the Gasthaus Zauchenseehof and looked after their guests with much enthusiasm. Michael and his brother Rupert, today’s hoste, were allowed to help in the winter months and learned all about the hotel industry and skiing from a young age.

Steady development of the Altenmarkt - Zauchensee ski area in the Salzburger Sportwelt

The first piste bashers

Das erste Pistengerät in Zauchensee

Extension of the Hotel Zauchenseehof

Hotel Zauchenseehof Zubau
The 4 star Hotel Zauchenseehof in Altenmarkt - Zauchensee today
Urlaub in Zauchensee bei Walchhofer
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