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Relax and simply feel good at the 4 star Hotel Zauchenseehof

Stylish swimming pool & refreshing sauna

Time for yourself

Welcome to our spa area

As you enter the spa at the 4 star Hotel Zauchenseehof you’ll feel the stresses and strains of everyday life just melt away.

Let yourself be guided into world full of harmony with a combination of calming music and reviving scents. We invite you to spend peaceful moments of comfort in our swimming pools and sauna and spa area.

Where the rustic-alpine flair of the mountains combines with the mediterranean charm of Tuscany, you’ll experience a wonderful spa holiday in Zauchensee.

Spa area

Lots of relaxation
in our wellness area

Refreshing moments in the swimming pool

You can really savour the lightness of being in our large swimming pool at the Spa Hotel Zauchenseehof.

On the lower floor of the lovingly-created spa area you have plenty of space to swim gently, let yourself float and to dip into the gentle water stream.

The ceiling is lit by bright, little star – enjoy the power of tranquility in this lovely spot. In the light lounging area you’ll be warmed by the sun’s rays shining through the window. The view of the fabulous mountain scenery creates a feeling of deep contentment.

Cosy hours in the sauna and spa area

Warmth which benefits the body – scents that help relax. This and more await in the spa area at the 4 star Hotel Zauchenseehof. Activate your immune system with hot infusions in the Finnish sauna and the bio herb sauna. Wonderful to relex is your new Dry-salt-sauna. Afterwards we recommend a dip in the refreshing Kneipp pool. Healthy warmth lets your skin breathe gently in the salt steam room and the Roman steam bath.

The advanced massothermic system is a speciality in our spa area: using massage in combination with pleasant warmth it ensures muscle relaxation and can be individually regulated. Slip into the sweet world of dreams on our water beds in the relaxation room and let the gentle gurgling of the fountain accompany you through your relaxing moments.

Recreation with panoramic view

Enter, close your eyes and strength your body and soul in a wonderful stone pine atmosphere. A very special recreational factor awaits you in our NEW Zirben-Ruheraum with panoramic view. Come with us on a trip into the stone pine universe.

The Swiss stone pine is the queen of the Alps:

It grows in the barren high mountains, its fragrant, yellow-red wood has a germicidal effect and lowers our heartbeat. The essential oils of the coniferous tree help us to sleep better and at the same time activate our self-healing powers.

The effect of the stone pine on your well-being!

  • Pinewood reduces the heart rate
  • increases vibrations of the organism
  • no weather sensitivity in a stone pine room
  • stable circulation with fluctuating air pressure
  • deep and vegetative recovery of the body
  • prevents insomnia
  • acts soothing, relaxing and liberating
  • leads to a better general condition
  • helps to restore inner balance and tranquility
  • an optimum for the harmony with oneself
  • the bioactive forces of the stone pine aroma strengthen the circulation and provide additional well-being.

The secret of Swiss stone pine

Since time immemorial, Swiss stone pine has been ascribed many particularly positive effects on human health. For example, for many centuries it was the custom in many rural areas to place newborns in stone pine cradles. Old knowledge, which was now also scientifically confirmed.

The results of the comprehensive and strictly scientific study were impressive: Even a stay in a Zirbenholzzimmer alone increases the strength for coping with everyday stress and shortens the necessary recovery phases.

Responsible for all these positive qualities are primarily the essential oils of Swiss stone pine with special sensory physiological qualities. And so also for the Swiss stone pine a particularly clear, fine smell is characteristic. These strengthen the symbiosis of letting go, leaning back and recharging one's batteries. The active ingredients of Swiss stone pine are particularly health-promoting and contribute with their fragrance to a pleasant room climate.


Our relaxation facilities in the overview

  • Indoor pool with whirlbank, jet facility, pleasant currents, waterfall
  • Finnish sauna, bio herbal sauna with herbal perfume, infrared cabins
  • Roman steam bath, healthy brine steam bath, dry salt sauna
  • fine spray shower
  • Solarium and massothermie system – combination of massage and warmth (extra charge)
  • Kneipp basin
  • Relaxation room with heated waterbeds
  • NEW stone pine recreation room with panoramic view
  • heat bench and comfort loungers
  • sun lounger area in the winter garden with a view of the mountain panorama and the ski slopes
  • Water dispenser, drink station in the wellness area
  • Grander water and Memon technology in the hotel
  • lockable spins, WC as well as changing rooms
  • Hand and bath towels on site for free removal

Spa area!

Separate spa
area for kids

Relaxation is not just for grown-ups: at the Spa Hotel Zauchenseehof in Altenmarkt – Zauchensee our younger guests can really unwind too.

In their own childen’s spa area with swimming pool, slide, waterfall, toddlers’ pool etc.

Parents and children also have their own children’s sauna (non-nude) with gentle temperatures plus a children’s steam room.

The swimming pool is open daily from 7.00 am to 7.30 pm.

The sauna and spa area are open daily from 14.30 pm to 7.30 pm.

Holiday for the whole family

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the family-hotel

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Hotel Zauchenseehof, Familie Walchhofer
Zauchensee 12, 5541 Altenmarkt
Salzburger Land - Österreich